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"We at Caslec regard the Electrical Pricing Manual as an indispensable aid to estimating; it improves the efficiency of all our operations areas; the manual is well presented and perfectly laid out; it is accurate and it saves a lot of time; it has a very comprehensive product range; the staff at trade service are helpful and co-operative; we have used this service for a long time and we could no longer work without it; even with the availability of online information, we will continue to subscribe to this service; the overall service is reasonably priced and provides outstanding value."

Brian Cassidy
Caslec Industries

Custom Solutions for Wholesalers

Our data management expertise means that we can offer bespoke database services for major customers with specialised requirements. We are able to provide advanced solutions with comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date product and price databases, leveraging technology and experience to provide creative solutions for complex problems, and to achieve maximum return on your software investment.

  • Content - Choose the contents of your database to suit your own business requirements. We will work with your suppliers to source additional products or details. Alternatively we can create the initial profile by matching your existing database against our master data repository.
  • Format - We can provide the data in your specified format. Other details which can be tailored to your needs include delivery medium and frequency of updates.

  • Consultancy - We work closely with each customer and their system provider to advise on implementation and define a precise specification of their data requirements.


  • XML Feed
  • Database Seeding
  • Database Scrubbing
  • Web Services

Key Benefits

  • Alleviates the burden of implementing content solutions in-house
  • Saves you time, money, and resources by cleaning, formatting, and integrating your data
  • Delivers portable and flexible data
  • Allows data to be used with a wide variety of business applications
  • Ensures positive customer experience and repeat business