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"We base all our price percentages for invoicing on the TRASER ® Standard Trade Price updates we receive every fortnight. We could not do invoice or charge out work without TRASER ® for Windows."

Karen Tamapii
Financial Controller, Watters Electrical (Aust) Pty Ltd

TSA Codes (PIK's)and Commodity Codes - Facilitating eCommerce

Successful electronic trading and communication of product related data between computer systems requires the widespread adoption and use of a universal standard product coding system, enabling each trading partners’ system to recognise the products. As the only independent supplier of product data in the Electrical and DataComms Industry in Australia we have embarked on developing a comprehensive product coding system to enable successful electronic trading

TSA Codes (PIK)

Every item in the TSA master data repository is identified by a unique numeric code or Permanent Identification Key (PIK). The PIK stays with the material item through its life-cycle, independent of catalogue or part number changes or distributor changes, Already incorporated into many major contractors’ IT systems through its inclusion in the TSA databases, the PIK can potentially be adopted as the standard for electronic trading in the Electrical Industry. The cost savings across the industry of a standard taxonomy and codes are large. Efficiencies in trading, and with fewer costly pricing and ordering errors eliminated, the advantages of a standard system are obvious. The TSA initiative will address the shortcomings of the UNSPC classifications relevant to this Industry.

Companies who wish to trade electronically but are not TSA data service will have the ability to licence the TSA Codes for incorporation into their own databases.

Commodity Codes

We have developed and maintain a taxonomy or hierarchial structure for grouping of electrical and datacomm items. Grouping of items is important for easy application of discounts across a database of items. It is a major task which must be undertaken by anyone installing computerised sales or purchasing systems. Working closely with manufacturers we have grouped items in the database into standard product range groupings, each identified by a code. Use of our Commodity Codes can dramatically speed up system set up and implementation time and ongoing maintenance. It also will serve as a powerful tool for exchanging terms with trading partners.