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"Our section - Project Services - Electrical Engineering utilises and has utilised the pricing information services from Trade Services of Australia for over 20 years and has been using the electronic version of the Contractors Pricing Manual (TRASER ®) for the last 15 years. We find this service invaluable for the pricing of LV copper distribution cables and underground PVC conduits and to a lessor extent switchboard components and internal fixtures. The staff at Trade Service of Australia have always been very helpful in regards to technical support even when the problems are the fault of the end user ie. not downloading the installing the updates within specified time frame. I believe that there will an automatic update option added to TRASER ® in the next few months that will reduce the need for the manual updating process - we are looking forward to this additional feature.

Thanks to the team at Trade Service of Australia."

Gregg Zonneveld
Regional Electrical Engineer RPEQ MIEAust, Department of Public Works

Marketing Services

Ensure that your brand is at the forefront when Contractors are searching for products. We are able to provide a powerful marketing package to support all brands listed in the TSA database.

The Marketing Service Package includes:

  • Priority inclusion and maintenance of your product data in the TSA data repository.
  • Brand logo(s) included in appropriate Trade Service collateral.
  • Promotion of new products on the Trade Service web site
  • Promotion of new products or brand building through Trade Service update bulletins and newsletters.
  • Access to Trade Service Direct Marketing Lists
  • Annual licence to access and store TSA Codes and Commodity Codes.
  • “Listed in TSA” logo for use in your promotional activities.
  • TRASER ® system with TSA Electrical Database (click here to learn more about TRASER ®).
  • Twice-monthly updates for TRASER ®.
  • Software and Helpdesk Support for above.

Benefits to you:

  • Your up-to-date product data is accurately represented and is pushed to the heart of your customers’ business systems.
  • Data is regularly revised to reflect your current product range and branding strategy - helps protect your competitive positioning.
  • High value brand promotion via a major route to market (existing customers and prospects).
  • Authorisation to access and store TSA Codes, which facilitate data exchange with your customers.
  • Marketing Services Team committed to helping you maximise the benefit of working with TSA.