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"We base all our price percentages for invoicing on the TRASER ® Standard Trade Price updates we receive every fortnight. We could not do invoice or charge out work without TRASER ® for Windows."

Karen Tamapii
Financial Controller, Watters Electrical (Aust) Pty Ltd

Electrical Industry Sectors

Trade Service of Australia (TSA) is the leading Independent provider of Electrical Price and Product Information in Australia. Over the past 25 years we have earned the trust of thousands of Industry Stakeholders through the provision of Business Tools, Data Services and Publications. Our products and services are used daily in estimating, product specification, billing and purchasing activities.

What we do

We obtain pricing and product information from the numerous manufacturers/importers/distributors/vendors of electrical and data products. The information is provided to us in various formats - XML feeds, CSV files, PDF files and paper catalogues. We ‘clean’ the data, check for discrepancies, further attribute it, and then channel this data into our SQL production database. We then extend our data into various Business systems, applications, catalogues and print publications, which we distribute to clients. Currently we track over 400,000 items, covering approximately 200 Brands (click here here to download a list of current Brands). New Brands are added regularly at the request of clients.

Please select the relevant industry sector to see how we can help you:

Contractors & Estimators
Whether you require ready access to material pricing and product information to assist in your Estimating and Invoicing activities, or for integration into Estimating, Billing, Inventory, ERP and Accounting Systems we offer...

Wholesalers & Distributors
Trade Service offer a range of data services to wholesalers and distributors including data scrubbing, database seeding and collation. Our TRASER application can be used in-house as a Trade Price lookup, offering up an immediate Trade Price on an item that you may not have in stock. The item can then be specially sourced, using details in TRASER such as manufacturer and catalogue number to order...

Our TRASER for Windows application is one of the only independent source of Trade Pricing Information, not influenced by product purchases or current established relationships with distributors. With our TRASER for Windows application, you can track what information is being sent out for your own data, and also research into product lines, new additions and price changes to rival companies. You can also manage what data is being sent to over 400 electrical customers, ensuring that accurate, relevant and timely information is being used by some of the biggest electrical contracting companies in Australia...

Other Users
Not a contracting company? We have a vast range of options catering to the needs of most clients, including our Electrical material database lookup software or our hard-copy Electrical Pricing Manual, or our XML data feed. We can also tailor a complete solution for your business using strong business relationships with our current working partners...