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"We base all our price percentages for invoicing on the TRASER ® Standard Trade Price updates we receive every fortnight. We could not do invoice or charge out work without TRASER ® for Windows."

Karen Tamapii
Financial Controller, Watters Electrical (Aust) Pty Ltd


A well prepared estimate results in a solid, profitable contract and a healthy business. On the other hand a poorly prepared estimate can be deadly, once the contract is signed you’re on the hook, you can’t go back to the project owner and ask for a revision to correct the blunder. Making mistakes when estimating can have severe financial repercussions for the business.

Being a professional estimator your ability to produce accurate submissions efficiently is critical. The greater the efficiency, the sooner an estimate can be prepared and submitted. You have less stress as estimates are completed well before the due date. You don't have to play safe and shoot high because you were unable to prepare the estimate ‘properly’ in time for the cut-off date. Efficiency allows you to generate more estimates, more quickly, which will ultimately result in more jobs won and greater profit for the business.

In addition to efficiency, accuracy of the estimate is also key. Under quoting for materials will cost the company money, whilst over quoting will result in the estimate not being competitive and you loosing the job to a competitor. You need to find the right balance between being competitive, and maintaining profitability.

How to simplify the estimating process, whilst improving efficiency and accuracy

Central to efficient, accurate and successful estimating, is having current material pricing at your fingertips. Best practice dictates that you should have access to the best product data, the fastest product search and the most accurate and current material prices, with seamless integration of this data into your estimating programme. We work in close collaboration with these leading suppliers of Estimating applications to ensure you achieve maximum return on your software investment. All these attributes can be found within TRASER®. Have a look at the benefits of TRASER® by clicking on the card below.

TRASER ® is a widely used, stand-alone software application, which features the Industries most current and complete database of electrical material items. It covers over 230,000 items from approximately 200 suppliers. The TRA-SER ® database provides the wide coverage needed to obtain current trade prices to quickly and efficiently prepare estimates. This widely used software application has a database of more than 240,000 material items and can be used stand-alone or integrated with your estimating application. Integration allows TRASER ® to be used in conjunction with your Estimating including software applications such as Espro, Conest, Estimating Solutions, Proest and Sharpen.

Start winning bigger and more lucrative projects. Stay competitive. Stop pricing too high and missing out. Minimise the risk of under quoting and losing money. Share in over 35 years of Estimating Experience. Save over 340 hours in creating Categories and Assemblies. Check out our Assemblies Database.

SPARX Assemblies Database
Integrating the SPARX Assemblies Databases into your Estimating software, gives you the tools to quickly produce accurate, profitable estimates, that consistently secure work.

For those who prefer a paper based solution, the Electrical Pricing Manual is a convenient +800 page Reference Guide containing pricing and product information for over 60,000 electrical items. Click below for more information:

Electrical Pricing Manual
The Electrical Pricing Manual is a 800+ page Reference Guide on over 60,000 electrical items commonly used by electrical contractors. It can help save you time, improve procurement and maximise profits. This guide has been carefully compiled over the past 25 years and is the only independent Australian source of electrical pricing information in printed form...