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"We have subscribed to Trade Service’s Video data since 1987, originally the large loose leaf book, then Video Source data for the Video Finder electronic catalogue. Whilst we have always been more than satisfied with the service provided, it is only since the development of an XML data feed for our website that we got to appreciate the efforts of the team at TSA. From the outset they brought honesty, knowledge, skills, professionalism and a sense of humour to the project. After having many issues with other providers and developers, dealing with TSA was a breath of fresh air. Their approach was practical, clear and cost-effective. The project was completed before time, and now the data feed automatically updates my website with fully attributed new release information, as well as revising back-catalogue availability & pricing. Since introducing the feed, our online sales have tripled. We would highly recommend Trade Service to anyone."

Bruce McLeay
DVD Warehouse

VideoSource Sell-Thru (VST)

This paper edition of our database is a comprehensive listing of all movie titles that are available to purchase. All information listed in VideoSource Sell-thru is compiled from original Australian distributor sources and is thoroughly checked and edited by our content publishing staff. However, whilst every effort is made to ensure accuracy and completeness, we can neither guarantee, nor accept any responsibility for error, inaccuracy or misinterpretation.

It is our policy to list the originating Australian distributor of a specific movie title, however we reserve the right to list secondary distributors.

Movie title availability as supplied by the distributor is also provided at the time of publication; however, it is the responsibility of the subscriber to ascertain availability of a title at time of reference to VideoSource Sell-thru as availability may change.

VideoSource SELL THRU is updated monthly, making it the most comprehensive movie sell thru reference you will ever need. This Issue update is mailed to you every month.

It contains a covering bulletin page listing the date, issue number and contents of that issue. Bulletins are consecutively numbered. In the event a bulletin is not received, please contact us and we will ensure the bulletin is forwarded immediately.

Sample Listing in VideoSource (VDS)

Sample VST listing - click to enlarge