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"The VideoSource book is extremely useful. Our customers come into the store and look for titles all the time. I had one guy in here this morning looking at it for 30 minutes, and he took home a handful of DVD’s!"

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VideoSource Select (VSS)

VideoSource Select is the most comprehensive DVD / Blu-ray data service available in Australia. Our product content team aggregates information provided by the mainstream Home Entertainment distributors in Australia for releases up to three months in advance. The information is received in various formats and processed by enthusiastic editors, into a central database. The team ‘cleans’ the data, checks for discrepancies, and further attributes it from other sources. Currently we track approximately 500 new releases every month from more than 30 distributors, adding to the 100,000 products already in our database, covering all videos and DVD's released in Australia since 1982

The feed includes theatrical content (Synopsis, cast, directors, ratings etc)in addition to and product information (price, catalogue number, barcode, back catalogue availability, trade promotions and specials). Currently this data is referenced daily by hundreds of clients and their customers throughout Australia.

How VideoSource Select (VSS) can help your business

Based on an easily integrated file format, our content subscription services deliver the most accurate and relevant Home Entertainment product data for easy integration into your systems, providing a holistic and comprehensive product information solution.

VideoSource Select Data is a set of flat text files designed to be simple and effective in updating almost any kind of database / application. Typical usage of the data includes:

  • Interfacing with Point-of-sale (POS) systems - DVD product data is fed into your point-of-sale applications and provides you and your employees with access to the details of the movie titles to help with purchasing and customer enquiries without having to key in the titles. The VSS feed also tracks and will give you an accurate retail footprint of all back catalogue titles available to purchase from Distributors.

    ROCKET Interface: An example of such usage is the ROCKET VSS Interface developed by CustomSoft Australia Pty Ltd in conjunction with Trade Service of Australia.

  • Populating DVD Kiosks: The extensive VSS Data updates are used to provide content for DVD Kiosks front ends, which in conjunction with our Video content streaming service providing trailers and clips, provides a rich multimedia experience for Kiosk customers. The more functional VSS product data (barcodes, catalogue numbers, distributor, runtime, etc) populates the Kiosk back end systems to assist with purchasing and tracking of product.

  • Standalone Lookup applications - VSS feeds a number of standalone Look up applications which can bring a complete reference of all movies and current releases to the finger tips of your staff and customers. The most popular of these applications MovieMate is used in-store to improve customer service and make all staff members knowledgeable and able to answer difficult queries, irrespective of their experience.

  • Marketing Communications
  • - Ask us how VSS can improve your marketing communications by using innovative solutions to increase customer spend

    • Weekly email alerts
    • SMS / MMS reminders
    • Competitions

    Sample VSS Data

    Click on a title below to view a VSS Data Sheet

    Advantages of working with our Data Service

    • Data from many sources
    • Data in different formats
    • Need to chase Distributors
    • Data not checked
    • Data needs to be keyed in
    • Expensive to maintain
    • Data Fields not updated

    • Data from one source
    • Data in consistent format
    • Data arrives regularly
    • Data checked and verified
    • Data easily integrated into your system
    • Cost Effective
    • All data fields populated, providing a rich resource

    Features and Benefits of VSS data

    • Product data to fuel your systems, saving you valuable time and hassle, no more wasted effort having to manually key data
    • Having product information on forthcoming new releases before you receive the stock, advance tracking of product for planning and early ordering
    • Simplicity of integration with our in-house IT expertise at your disposal
    • Coverage of all DVD and Blu-Ray products released in Australia
    • Australian content and images
    • Accurate updates to product pricing and availability (Back Catalogue)
    • Daily monitoring of product status changes
    • Assist customers by seeing the synopsis, technical details, product details and enquire by actor or director for any format
    • Have updates to titles existing in your database when prices, availability or suppliers change
    • Quality content to enrich your customer experience and to help boost sales