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"Jack In The Box subscribe to the VideoSource, Sell Thru and Web feed data services. Our staff are using the book every few customers just to check that titles are still available, as well as information such as year of production and the formats they are available in. Our website is also populated by Trade Service information, which we find to be both timely and accurate. We are very happy with the service."

Jack In The Box


ReserveZone is a convenient online reservations system. Members can browse & search YOUR catalogue online and make reservations that are pushed through to YOUR ROCKET POS system.

Features include:

  • A new innovative way to engage and retain members.
  • Members can either browse or search for titles.
  • Members can view trailers for several titles.
  • Store owners can maximise rental returns by offering online and in-store.
  • Opportunity to reduce your store footprint and staff costs
  • Integrates fully with Rocket Point-of-Sale and back-end system
  • Maximise ex-Rental margins by promoting stock online
  • Cost-effective

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