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"The VideoSource book is extremely useful. Our customers come into the store and look for titles all the time. I had one guy in here this morning looking at it for 30 minutes, and he took home a handful of DVD’s!"

Video Ezy Toronto


ReserveZone is a convenient online reservations system. Members can browse & search YOUR catalogue online and make reservations that are pushed through to YOUR ROCKET POS system.

Features include:

  • A new innovative way to engage and retain members.
  • Members can either browse or search for titles.
  • Members can view trailers for several titles.
  • Store owners can maximise rental returns by offering online and in-store.
  • Opportunity to reduce your store footprint and staff costs
  • Integrates fully with Rocket Point-of-Sale and back-end system
  • Maximise ex-Rental margins by promoting stock online
  • Cost-effective

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