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"We have subscribed to Trade Service’s Video data since 1987, originally the large loose leaf book, then Video Source data for the Video Finder electronic catalogue. Whilst we have always been more than satisfied with the service provided, it is only since the development of an XML data feed for our website that we got to appreciate the efforts of the team at TSA. From the outset they brought honesty, knowledge, skills, professionalism and a sense of humour to the project. After having many issues with other providers and developers, dealing with TSA was a breath of fresh air. Their approach was practical, clear and cost-effective. The project was completed before time, and now the data feed automatically updates my website with fully attributed new release information, as well as revising back-catalogue availability & pricing. Since introducing the feed, our online sales have tripled. We would highly recommend Trade Service to anyone."

Bruce McLeay
DVD Warehouse

Data Solutions for Retailers

The retail market continues to see increased demand for Movies and TV series on DVD and Blu-ray, and with approximately 400 new releases every month, this is a lot of product to track. With more than 25 years experience in helping thousands of clients across Australia, we are able to offer solutions to provide you with the following benefits:

  • Plan your product purchases and ease the laborious task of ordering
  • Eradicate the monotonous, manual task of keying data into systems
  • Save valuable time and hassle chasing suppliers for product information
  • Improve your marketing reach, to communicate with and attract clients to visit the store more often
  • Enrich your customer experience and service in-store, increasing customer spend

We provide clients with a holistic and comprehensive product information solution, which for example with DVD's, includes theatrical information (Synopsis, cast, directors, ratings etc) and product information (price, catalogue number, barcode, back catalogue availability, specials and promotions), which is then fed directly into their business systems. Currently our data is referenced daily by end-users when making purchase decisions, and by clients for their “back office” operations such as purchasing activities, inventory control and populating POS systems.

Data Feed (XML)
Based on an easily integrated XML file format, our content subscription services deliver the most accurate and relevant Home Entertainment product data for easy integration into your systems, providing a holistic and comprehensive product information solution

Video Content
Use our high quality video content to provide a rich experience for your customers. Let them become aware, informed and entertained by compelling content delivered through our various easily integrated service platforms

Asset Library
An online repository of +100,000 Movies released as product in the Australian market, updated daily with coming releases (eight weeks in advance) and new release information. Also includes maintenance of Back Catalogue availability from Distributors.

Movie Mate
MovieMate is an easy to use, very affordable, lookup program especially developed to give Customers and Operators of Video outlets and Retail stores to view DVD and Blu-ray movie details using VideoSource Select (VSS) data from Trade Service of Australia.

VideoSource Sell-thru
This paper edition of our database provides a comprehensive listing of all movie titles that are available to purchase from Australian Distributors.

Often referred to as 'The Movie Bible', this paper based product is a comprehensive listing of all movie titles and TV Shows released in Australia since 1982. It provides a fascinating and complete resource of movies past and present