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"The VideoSource book is extremely useful. Our customers come into the store and look for titles all the time. I had one guy in here this morning looking at it for 30 minutes, and he took home a handful of DVD’s!"

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Trade Service of Australia is a leading independent provider of Film and Television product information in Australia and New Zealand. Over the past 25 years the company has earned the trust of thousands of Industry Stakeholders through the supply of current, complete, and accurate information via software applications, data services and publications in electronic and printed format, to Home Entertainment channel partners.

Our clients

We serve data to hundreds of clients throughout Australia and New Zealand. The client base includes franchised and independent video hire outlets (including Blockbuster, Civic Video, Leading Edge, Network Video, and Video Ezy stores), Department stores, DVD retailers, independent music stores, film distributors, libraries, online stores, franchisors and DVD Kiosk operators.

What we do...

Trade Service of Australia aggregates product information provided by the mainstream Home Entertainment distributors in Australia. The information is received in various formats and processed by enthusiastic editors, into a central database. Information from the database is used to create and publish paper-based reference catalogues, and provide a standardised and structured data format for clients to feed their software systems and websites.

The company has teamed with leading Industry partners who provide business solutions to retailers and renters of Entertainment products. Integration links have been developed between the business systems and the TSA data feed. This gives clients a holistic and comprehensive product information solution including price, catalogue number, barcode, back catalogue availability, specials and promotions, which is then fed directly into the business systems. This data is referenced daily by consumers when making rental or purchase decisions, and by clients for their “back office” operations such as purchasing activities and inventory control.

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ELEVEN good reasons why you should list with us
The TSA database is the core from which Home Entertainment product data is distributed and incorporated into many hundreds of rental and retail systems...

Asset Library
An online repository of +100,000 Movies released as product in the Australian market, updated daily with coming releases (eight weeks in advance) and new release information. Also includes maintenance of Back Catalogue availability from Distributors.

Movie Mate - The electronic reference to all releases since 1982
This Marketing Tool allows you to keep a finger on the pulse of what product is being released, by which distributor, and includes the history of who and when a product was previously released going back as far as 1982.

VideoSource - 'The Movie Bible'
A paper based version of our Database, which succinctly catalogues all releases in a paper catalogue