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"We have been using the VideoSource publication for over 7 years now and couldn’t be happier! It is used everyday, and some weekends we can have a line of customers waiting to look at it! We do not have broadband internet at the shop, so the VideoSource book means that we have all the information we could ever need for referencing actors and directors, as well as the titles they relate to. It also allows the customers to browse on their own, before coming to the counter and asking for assistance – saving us time!"

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Asset Library

An online repository of +100,000 Movies released as product in the Australian market, updated daily with coming releases (eight weeks in advance) and new release information. Also includes maintenance of Back Catalogue availability from Distributors.

DVD products can be selected and the appropriate metadata and images can be downloaded as XML (for easy integration into your system once automation is considered) or Excel format with Jpegs. Some screenshots below.

Product Detail Screen
Search / Results Screen

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