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"We at Caslec regard the Electrical Pricing Manual as an indispensable aid to estimating; it improves the efficiency of all our operations areas; the manual is well presented and perfectly laid out; it is accurate and it saves a lot of time; it has a very comprehensive product range; the staff at trade service are helpful and co-operative; we have used this service for a long time and we could no longer work without it; even with the availability of online information, we will continue to subscribe to this service; the overall service is reasonably priced and provides outstanding value."

Brian Cassidy
Caslec Industries

TRASER® for Windows

Application Layout
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Applying Filters
Extended Search
Applying Discounts in 'All Items' List
Applying Discounts in Custom List
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Selecting Items
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Renaming a List
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TRASER ® is a widely used software program, which features the Industries most current and complete database of electrical material items. It covers over 240,000 items from approximately 200 suppliers. The TRASER ® database provides the wide coverage needed to obtain current trade prices with seamless integration into several software products such as Espro, ConEst, Estimating Solutions, Proest and Sharpen. To learn more about integration, click here.

Benefits of using TRASER ® when Estimating

  • Saves time and hassle - No need to wait on the supplier to provide pricing information or scrambling to find the suppliers catalogue for product information. No need to spend time keying updated prices, new products, deleting obsolete products in your application's material database. The database is updated automatically.
  • Improves accuracy - Material pricing and product availability is kept correct and up-to-date within TRASER ® and your software program
  • Eases Decision making - Ability to cross-reference and compare products
  • Risk Reduction - Consistency of Data from Estimating, through Purchasing, to Supplier reduces the risk of purchasing errors
  • Peace of mind - Knowledge that pricing is sourced direct from the manufacturer and delivered by a long standing, trustworthy and Independent Provider

Advantages of working with TSA's Data Service

  • Data from many sources
  • Data in different formats
  • Need to chase suppliers
  • Data not checked
  • Data needs to be keyed in

  • Data from one source
  • Data in consistent format
  • Data arrives regularly
  • Data checked and verified
  • Loaded onto your system

Features of TRASER ®

  • Seamless integration with several software products such as Espro, ConEst, Estimating Solutions, Proest and Sharpen
  • The ability to maintain and easily update material items in your software program's database
  • Powerful search capabilities with ability to look-up on item Description, Catalogue Number, Australian Product Number (Barcode) or User defined Codes
  • Easy manipulation of data and export to Excel
  • Twice-monthly pricing updates
  • Correct pricing and Product Information direct from Manufacturers
  • Commodity coded for similar items search
  • Capacity to apply pricing discounts
  • Ability to ‘cut and paste’ product item rows from TRASER ® and ‘drop’ them into your software program
  • Item list creation and reporting
  • Capability to add items and track products that aren’t listed in the TRASER ® database
  • Extensive context sensitive Help
  • Comprehensive Support

Comparative Guide - Pricing Data Sources

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