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"We at Caslec regard the Electrical Pricing Manual as an indispensable aid to estimating; it improves the efficiency of all our operations areas; the manual is well presented and perfectly laid out; it is accurate and it saves a lot of time; it has a very comprehensive product range; the staff at trade service are helpful and co-operative; we have used this service for a long time and we could no longer work without it; even with the availability of online information, we will continue to subscribe to this service; the overall service is reasonably priced and provides outstanding value."

Brian Cassidy
Caslec Industries

Listing in TSA Database

The TSA database is the core from which product data is distributed and then incorporated into many of major Australian Contracting firms’ estimating, purchasing, inventory and billing systems, and wholesale firms order processing systems.

Six good reasons why you should be listed in the TSA Database

  1. Instant exposure of your company and products to major stakeholders in the Industry.
  2. That data about your products is available to your customers and other end users to reference.
  3. Customers are spared from the onerous task of keying-in product codes, prices and descriptions into their business systems, and maintaining that material item in their database.
  4. Wholesalers have access to product and price information enabling them to promote, order and sell your product even if they do not have it in stock, or carry it regularly.
  5. Contractors purchase your product over the competitor who is not listed, because they couldn’t be bothered to reference and maintain your product and pricing data outside of the system. The TSA database is their primary source for obtaining product data and prices for many contractors.
  6. Further to being a source of reference, TSA data is becoming a vital component of the industry’s trading processes. We work closely with manufacturers to ensure that their data is presented to maximise the benefit to both themselves and their customers.

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