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"We at Caslec regard the Electrical Pricing Manual as an indispensable aid to estimating; it improves the efficiency of all our operations areas; the manual is well presented and perfectly laid out; it is accurate and it saves a lot of time; it has a very comprehensive product range; the staff at trade service are helpful and co-operative; we have used this service for a long time and we could no longer work without it; even with the availability of online information, we will continue to subscribe to this service; the overall service is reasonably priced and provides outstanding value."

Brian Cassidy
Caslec Industries

SPARX Assemblies Database

Pre-Built Electrical Assemblies. Win profitable projects and grow your business. Integrating the SPARX Assemblies Databases into your estimating software, gives you the tools to quickly produce accurate, profitable estimates, that consistently secure work.

  • Start winning bigger and more lucrative projects
  • Stay competitive. Stop pricing too high and missing out
  • Minimise the risk of under quoting and losing money
  • Share in over 35 years of Estimating Experience
  • Save over 340 hours in creating Categories and Assemblies
  • One-click installation gets you started

Paul Stoker“Thanks to the SPARX Electrical Estimating Database, I am pricing projects with confidence and accuracy. Brett Nash has taken great care in building a Database that is specific to my industry, and is robust, yet user friendly. I would highly recommend the SPARX Database to others in the Electrical Contracting industries.”

Paul Stocker - Director
PHASE Electrical & Communications

What is SPARX Assemblies Database?

SPARX is an industry leading database of Assemblies which gets you estimating and winning jobs quickly. It is comprised of two databases. A 'real world' project winning database PLUS a duplicate Variation and Minor Works database.

Assemblies are built with parts widely used in Australia, and with realistic install times based on decades of experience.

Supplier Price Files and SPARX Assemblies Database - A winning combination

Want your Assemblies to contain pricing from your supplier? No problem.

You have the option to have our algorithms automatically populate the SPARX Assemblies with parts from your wholesaler supplied pricing.

Hey Presto, your ‘Buy Price’ is now in the Assembly.

In addition 'Real world' fit rates will be applied to your Supplier parts which match our +20,000 rated parts.

Steve Warne“The SPARX database with all its prebuilt assemblies made setup a breeze for our team.”

Steve Warne - Estimating Manager
CV Services Pty Ltd

Steve Warne“The SPARX database with all its prebuilt assemblies made setup a breeze for our team.”

Steve Warne - Estimating Manager
CV Services Pty Ltd

Advantages of working with SPARX Assemblies Database

  • Create Category Structure
  • Standardise naming convention
  • Design database
  • Create Parts List
  • Assign Catalogue Numbers
  • Categorise Parts
  • Research and add Labour Hours to Parts
  • Create Pre-Builds
  • Categorise Pre-Builds
  • Review and Revise
  • Continually update
  • Start Estimating

  • One-click installation
  • Start Estimating