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"Active Electrical has been using TRASER ® for 13 years since opening, and have found it to be a reliable and easy system to use. The customer service people at Trade Service have always been helpful in resolving any technical problems that have occurred. I highly recommend Trade Service of Australia to any business."

Tony Wood
Active Electrical Distributors

Electrical Pricing Manual (EPM) Save time — Boost profits

The Electrical Pricing Manual is a 800+ page Reference Guide on over 60,000 electrical items commonly used by electrical contractors. It can help save you time, improve procurement and maximise profits. This guide has been carefully compiled over the past 25 years and is the only independent Australian source of electrical pricing information in printed form.

The Electrical Pricing Manuals come in two tough, high quality folders. They can be referenced on the road, on-site or in the office. The pages are loose leaf; making the monthly updating and replacement of pages simple and fast. The high quality coded section dividers make it easy to navigate and find information quickly. All items are organised into tabbed sections by commodity codes for simple, fast searching.

Neat Features

  • Sturdy binders
  • 60,000+ items
  • 800+ Pages
  • Regular monthly updates
  • Correct Information direct from Manufacturers
  • Commodity coded for similar items search
  • Quick Search Tabs
  • No access to Internet or Computer required
  • Logically constructed for easy look-up and price comparison
  • Fast, easy updating with loose leaf pages

Benefits to you

  • Up to date pricing anywhere—at the office or on the road
  • Helps stop under-quoting and under-invoicing
  • Keeps your wholesaler honest
  • Convenient - One point of reference when preparing estimates
  • Handy proof of material price when dealing with customer face to face
  • No Laptop or PDA required
  • Saves time—No need to wait on the wholesaler to get prices
  • Peace of mind—Knowledge that pricing is from an Independent source and Direct from the manufacturer

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