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"Price maintenance would be an onerous task without TRASER ®"

Geoff Santos
Conest Systems Manager, Stowe Australia Pty Ltd - Victoria

Solutions for Electrical Contracting Firms / Estimators

Whether you require ready access to material pricing and product information to assist in your Estimating and Invoicing activities, or for integration into Estimating and Financial Systems, we offer a number of solutions suited to your needs.

Estimating - Efficiently prepare more accurate and winning estimates:
A well prepared estimate results in a solid, profitable contract and a healthy business. On the other hand a poorly prepared estimate can be deadly, once the contract is signed you’re on the hook, you can’t go back to the project owner and ask for a revision to correct the blunder. Making mistakes on a estimate can have severe financial repercussions for the business...

Business System Integration - Simplify invoicing, purchasing and inventory control:
Price File Maintenance is an onerous task. Setting up and keeping your system updated with product and price changes from suppliers is time consuming and messy. We provide comprehensive, accurate, up-to-date product and price databases for use in conjunction with your Accounting and Business Systems including software applications such as The Service Manager (TSM), Micronet, Simpro, Tradesman, Axia, Job Express, CostManager along with MYOB, Quickbooks, Sybiz and 2Clix...

Quoting & Invoicing - Quickly and easily generate quotes and invoices:
As a busy contractor, you probably find the necessary preparation of invoices and quotes to be time consuming and laborious. Having to wade through this paperwork leads to less billable time on the job, and longer hours in the office. Fortunately we have solutions which help to turn those quotes around quickly, and to get those invoices processed painlessly, and then delivered through to your clients for quick conversion into cash.