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"Jack In The Box subscribe to the VideoSource, Sell Thru and Web feed data services. Our staff are using the book every few customers just to check that titles are still available, as well as information such as year of production and the formats they are available in. Our website is also populated by Trade Service information, which we find to be both timely and accurate. We are very happy with the service."

Jack In The Box

VideoSource (VDS)

Often referred to as "The Big Book of Movies", this paper edition of our database is a comprehensive listing of all movie titles. All information listed in VideoSource is compiled from original Australian distributor sources and is thoroughly checked and edited by our content publishing staff. However, whilst every effort is made to ensure accuracy and completeness, we can neither guarantee, nor accept any responsibility for error, inaccuracy or misinterpretation.

It is our policy to list the originating Australian distributor of a specific movie title, however we reserve the right to list secondary distributors. A movie title is never removed or deleted from VideoSource. This ensures movie titles can be found after a distributor has discontinued them or is no longer operating.

Even though VideoSource contains all movie titles (past and present), it is ultimately the responsibility of the subscriber to ascertain availability of a title at the time of reference to VideoSource, as availability may change.

Movie Title Information Contained in VideoSource (VDS)

Wherever possible, each movie title listing contains the following:

  • Title Name;
  • Year of Production;
  • Category (if applicable);
  • Director;
  • Principal Stars;
  • A Brief Synopsis;
  • Free & Pay TV Holdback Dates (if applicable);
  • Total Running Time;
  • Censorship Classification;
  • Distributor;
  • Distributors Catalogue Number, Barcode Number;
  • Media Type; (D=DVD, V=VHS)
  • Suggested Retail Price (SRP)
  • Retail Price Indicator (if applicable);
  • Sell Thru Availability; (a check means movie title is available from distributor published)
  • Day, Month and Year of Release (in parenthesis).

Contents of VideoSource (VDS)

VideoSource is comprised by the following sections:

Tab Colour Contents
[no tab] Preface
RED New Releases, Videos for Sale
YELLOW Title Listings, Film Star and Director cross reference details
GREEN Feature Films and mainstream entertainment by category
ORANGE Adult and non-fiction
BLUE Miscellaneous Listings

These sections in detail are:
  • PREFACE (not tabbed – precedes the NEW RELEASES section). It includes our publishing policy, abbreviations and symbols, censorship classifications, general contents, Australian distributor contact details.
  • 100 NEW RELEASES Listings of new, re-releases and coming soon movie titles.
  • 150 DIRECTORY OF TITLES An alphabetical list of all movies in section 100-800. At the beginning of this section are SUPPLEMENTARY TITLES on pink pages. The pink pages contain all new release movie titles not yet included in the white pages. We recommend you refer to these pink pages first when searching for a movie title. If two reference numbers are shown eg. 100/450, look first in section 100 then section 450.
  • 200 DIRECTORY OF STARS Alphabetical list of film stars cross-referenced to their films or performances that are available on video/DVD.
  • 250 DIRECTORY OF DIRECTORS Alphabetical list of directors cross-referenced to their films that are available on video/DVD.
  • 300 ACTION / ADVENTURE Action and adventure including most martial arts films.
  • 350 CHILDREN & FAMILY Cartoons, animated features, full-length children’s and family films.
  • 400 COMEDY Comedy movies including romantic comedy, humorous TV programmes and send ups of other movie genres.
  • 450 DRAMA Romantic stage plays and TV programmes dealing with situations involving dramatic human interactions.
  • 475 THRILLER Suspense and mystery films.
  • 500 HORROR /SCI-FI Horror films and science fiction films (both light and intense) including special effects.
  • 550 MUSIC & MUSICALS Films generally classified as ‘musicals’ including rock concerts and group performances, classical music presentations, operas, ballets and musical TV programs. A category Index (blue pages) is included at the beginning of this section.
  • 600 WAR Films almost totally devoted to armed conflict themes including documentaries. Not all films with a wartime setting are included in this section. Many films with a central theme of the effects of war on human emotions and relationships may be included in either section 300 or 450.
  • 650 WESTERNS Traditional ‘western’ movies and vintage ‘country-song’ westerns.
  • 700 ADULT AUDIENCE Adult sexual films all classified ‘R’ by the Australian Censor.
  • 750 SPORT & RECREATION Spectator sports events, leisure-time recreation and exercise and aerobic dance instruction. A category Index (blue pages) is included at the beginning of this section.
  • 800 SPECIAL INTEREST Historical and current documentaries, non-fiction films such as travelogues, educational and instructional films. A category Index (blue pages) is included at the beginning of this section.
  • 950 MISCELLANEOUS Film listings including: American Academy Awards, Australian A.F.I. Awards (Australian Film Institute), Foreign Films, James Bond, New Zealand, Stephen King, True Stories which are regularly updated.
  • 975 VIDEOS FOR SALE VideoSource titles available for Sell Thru.

Sample Listing in VideoSource (VDS)