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"We have been using the VideoSource publication for over 7 years now and couldn’t be happier! It is used everyday, and some weekends we can have a line of customers waiting to look at it! We do not have broadband internet at the shop, so the VideoSource book means that we have all the information we could ever need for referencing actors and directors, as well as the titles they relate to. It also allows the customers to browse on their own, before coming to the counter and asking for assistance – saving us time!"

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Solutions for Franchisors, Buying Groups and Content Syndicators

Whether you need rich fully attributed movie content for marketing and promoting product, or functional product data to fuel your business systems, we are able to provide comprehensive and reliable solutions which allow you to efficiently, and effectively, outsource the time consuming and manual process of aggregating content and product information. All at very affordable cost saving rates.

We offer the most extensive Product Data, Editorial and Multimedia Content Solutions in Australia, the core content required to efficiently operate your business. We endeavour to capture and cover, well in advance, all Theatrical, DVD product and Interactive Games titles released into the mainstream Australian Market, and integrate this information seamlessly into your systems.

Some benefits of working with us:

  • Management of product data by Experts, releasing internal resources to concentrate on core business
  • Up-to-date delivery of accurate and relevant information about movies, TV shows, and DVDs, seamlessly integrated into your systems
  • Access to additional Rich multimedia options, to enhance your marketing presence and promote product
  • Quality content to ultimately enrich customer experience, to help boost sales and open new income opportunities
  • A comprehensive solution to replace expensive in-house content and product data teams
Data Feed (XML)
Based on an easily integrated XML file format, our content subscription services deliver the most accurate and relevant Home Entertainment product data for easy integration into your systems, providing a holistic and comprehensive product information solution...

Video Content
Use our high quality video content to provide a rich experience for your customers. Let them become aware, informed and entertained by compelling content delivered through various marketing and technical platforms...

ReserveZone is a convenient online reservations system. Members can browse & search the store catalogue online and make reservations that are pushed through to the store ROCKET POS system.

Asset Library
An online repository of +100,000 Movies released as product in the Australian market, updated daily with coming releases (eight weeks in advance) and new release information. Also includes maintenance of Back Catalogue availability from Distributors.